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- The Metaphysical Precepts for Healing -

Most of us believe that it takes something or someone else to Heal us.

While Vibrational & Magickal Healing processes can provide necessary metaphysical & energetic support, creating the matrix necessary to remit organisms & processes of dis-ease - it is ultimately the Healing Recipient who is the real Healer.

As such, the person who is Healing has his/her own role to enact - discovering and growing beyond the internal context wherein the dis-ease paradigm exists.

To this end, I offer the 7 Metaphysical Precepts for Healing - by which everyone can participate in the experience of recovery & enhancement joy-filled Health ...

Expecting Miracles
Being Here Now

Because the Precepts are treated in depth, there is a separate page describing each one in detail.

Each next Precept is linked at the bottom of the preceding Preceptís page.

In order to encourage you to read the Precepts in the order of their presentation, no links to other pages (except the Homepage) are provided until the 7th Preceptís page.

The Precepts are presented in a specific order, because - on a "logical" level - we need to understand certain ones, in order to understand the ones that follow.

However, please remain aware that these Precepts "interact" with each other in a non-linear, non-hierarchical manner.

I know most folks visiting this website will be curious about the Precepts, and will initially read through all of them at least one time. So go ahead and feel perfectly free to do so ...

However, if you intend to use these Precepts as a part of an actual Healing process, I strongly encourage you to eventually begin at the beginning, with the first Precept, working through each one in order at a slower pace - to receive the full benefit of them on an experiential level.

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