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The Metaphysical Healing Precept of

Energy follows thought.

This has been absolutely proven by experiments in quantam physics.

Whatever we give out, we get back.

Many of this world's foremost spiritual teachers consistantly tell us that our mind can be our greatest friend, or our worst enemy.

Energy follows thought. Whatever we give out, we get back.

When we give out that we are not-Valuable and un-Worthy-of-Love, our experiences in life will reflect this belief, reinforcing and supporting it, in a perpetual Cycle-of-Defeat.

Caught in this Cycle-of-Defeat, we remain impotent to fulfill our Original Intent and Purpose.

Why would anyone believe they are not-Valuable and un-Worthy-of-Love?

We are born into life with the ability to effortlessly experience and express our True Nature.

Our True Nature is inherently one of Value and Worthiness-of-Love.

Over time, due to our contact with Material Nature (which inherently moves toward a state of constriction and decay) as well as lessons about ourselves that we accept as Truth from the adults around us - our alignment with our True Nature decays ...

... and we eventually "mature" to a position of believing that we are not-Valuable, and un-Worthy-of-Love just because we are the way we are.

As little children, we are often given "lessons" that the value of our thoughts, feelings and actions are "less" than those of the adults around us.

Eventually, this carries over into our adulthood as a sense of being not-Valuable.

Adults place conditions on love ...

"I really love it when you (you fill-in the blank) ...

"I hate it, when you (you fill-in the blank) ...

And they often seem to love the oddest things ...

"I love that car! ... new dress! ... house! (etc.)

So we come to believe that we are Worthy-of-Love, only "if we Are/Have/Do (you fill-in the blank) ...

Why would anyone teach us such horrible "lessons" about us, and about Love?

Our parents and other adult role models simply acted from that same framework of belief about themselves and "How-Life-Is" - because the same lies were taught to them, in exactly the same way, by the adults of their child-years ...

... who learned those lies in their youth ... (and on and on and so on) ...

Everybody does the best with what they have to work with at the moment.

Sometimes "the best" isnít very good at all, but it is the best they have at the time.

Some lessons may have been appropriate at the time ...

As children the lesson, "Donít trust strangers" protected us from possible danger at the hands of those who might prey on our innocence. But this lesson carried over into adulthood can close us off from many potentially wonderful relationships.

Those lessons our parents taught us, diminished our experience of ourselves as Valuable and Worthy-of-Love, until it all simply faded-away.

"I hate you when you act like this."

"Don't tell me ... (you fill-in the blank)"

"I'll never forgive you for doing this."

"I could just kill you!"

The lies we learned as little children manifest in our present experience of ourselves as not-Valuable and un-Worthy-of-Love.

Because it is our True Nature to be Valuable and Worthy-of-Love, we try to regain this sense of ourselves.

But we do so from the context of all the lies about ourselves that we've come to believe.

And so we run the treadmill Cycle-of-Defeat, never Being/Doing/Having "enough."

Thanks, Mom & Dad, and Mr. & Mrs. (you fill-in the blank)

Just being aware of who's originally responsible for these lies isn't enough ...
they're just the guys "who done it" ...

... if we continue to live by those lies now, that is OUR responsibility.

So that now, it's us who's "doing it" to ourselves.

Those lies lie in the past.

The now-and-present Moment is always available, full of unlimited potential for experiencing and manifesting the truth of our Original Intent and Purpose.

Our Point of Power is in the Present Moment.

Our power to change the contents of our life - including Healing from the most virulent and catastrophic of dis-ease processes - lies in the Present Moment.

When we experience material manifestations of the lies about our value and worthiness in the form of dis-ease, it is a "signal grace" - a sign that we can become more consciously aware of how we participate in, and contribute to Life, based on our beliefs about ourselves.

By simply Being Aware of our everyday streaming train-of-thought, the ongoing "mantras of defeat" we repeat over and over in our minds and hearts will quickly become apparent ...

Iím so tired" ... and ...
"Iím too old" ... and ...
"I feel just awful" ... and ...
"If only I were ... (you fill-in the blank)" ... and ...

If we are bluntly honest about what we find - and about our role in maintaining the yama-yama of these habitual thoughts - Being Aware becomes a courageous Act of Truth.

Such honest self-examination is imperative, if we are to move beyond our present self-imposed exile from our Pure Nature, and resulting manifestations of dis-ease.

I encourage everyone who desires Healing to spend some time each day sitting quietly, consciously observing the movement and flow of thoughts running through the mind.

This is a process everyone can do, to their benefit.

Simply passively observe - without judgement, without trying to stop them, and especially without grabbing-hold and "riding-out" any of them. Just pay conscious Attention.

Such conscious Attention can initiate the process of loosening your attachments
to the habitual thoughts and beliefs based on the lies "they" taught you ...
so that you can take the next step in Healing: Release ...

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