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The Metaphysical Healing Precept of
Being Here Now

all Healing is ultimately
the adventure of re-discovering
your Original Purpose and Intent ...
and learning to again love yourself
exactly as you are -
right here, right now

As you’ve read these Precepts of Healing, you have hopefully discovered that the problems we experience today are rooted in thoughts, choices-of-belief we made in the past.

Our Point of Power for change is here, in this Present Moment.

It's right Here - in this One Moment - that we can choose Healing.

if not Here ... where?
if not Now ... when?

The past is done and over.

It’s the Baggage of The Past, which we carry with us every(w)here, that obstructs our experience of Value and Worthiness-of-Love.

It's the belief in no-Value and un-Worthiness about ourselves, that lock us in a Cycle-of-Defeat.

It's the Cycle-of-Defeat that maintains the cycle of dis-ease.

Energy follows thought. Whatever we give out, we get back.

By simply paying Attention to It All - as it Is Now - Releasing, Forgiving, Loving, Expecting Miracles, with authentic Gratitude for It All ... we are relieved of the Great Weight of the Baggage we experience as dis-ease.

Relieved of the burden of dis-ease we are again in alignment with our Intent, Love -and can fulfill our Purpose, Service ...

* just like when we were little children *
(before the lies became our lives)

The future does not exist. There’s no such thing, really - because it is Potential only.

Now, the statment you just read isn't about "making plans" - because making plans is a essential part of life, and is something we do now to keep organized.

What we’re talking about is getting stuck in Worrying (or "Hoping") about what the mysterious Future may dump in our laps.

All our thoughts that dwell on the future, are fear-based.

Energy follows thought. Whatever we give out, we get back.

The more we Worry, the more Worry we get.

Get it?

Actually there’s never a "been" or a "will-be" -
... there is only an IS ...

As we do the Work to Heal, let us live fully in this Moment - this one, in which we’re doing the Work.

As we do anything (even no"thing") - let us Be in the Moment, and Love It All Unconditionally ...

... because It All was made by you - born of your Intent ...

... and this One Moment is absolutely on-Purpose.

get Healed - right Here, right Now -
on the "inside"
and the "outside" will follow -
and you get Perfect Healing
... right Here, right Now ...


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