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To heal is to bring the Chakras into balance and alignment.
To bring the Chakras into balance and alignment is to heal.

The Chakras are a part of the Subtle-Body Energy-System, which also includes the Aura.

Chakra translates as "wheel" or "disk" - denoting the shape and whirling movement of these energy vortices.

The word Chakra is consistantly mispronounced in the West, as "shock'-ruh." The "ch" in sanskrit is always pronounced as in "chair" ... thus Chakra sounds more like "tchawk'-ruh."

There are seven major Chakras in the body. They are aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to inside the top of the head.

The Chakras vitalise the physical body and are energetically associated with one's awareness and experiences on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being.

Chakras assimilate, process and project Life Energy (Prana, Ki, Chi, Eln-Vital) and both affect, and are affected by, one's health and conscious awareness. Well developed Chakras are an essential aspect of Magick and other Intuitive Arts, as the Elemental and other energies used in such activities are processed through them.

The Chakras are associated with a number of factors, including Images, Elements, Colors, and Mantras. Many of these factors are included in the diagram below.

Due to the diversity of humanity's psycho-spiritual ideologies, Chakras are "seen" differently by various people. While Chakras are always seen as energy-light, descriptions of details - such as form, exact placement, movement and color - often vary.

One example of this is their colors. Western Seers generally experience the light-colors as they appear in a rainbow. Ancient Vedic ("Hindu") Rishis described them with a very different set of colors. Both are, paradoxically, correct.

The Associations & Factors below follow the Western rainbow color scheme.

To view examples of the ancient Vedic colorations and iconography click here

Chakra Associations and Factors

Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

Centered just inside the top of the head, and extending up and outward, this is considered the Spiritual Chakra: the gateway connecting us with non-material reality - our Suchness-Self beyond our bodies and personalities. When developed, Sahasvara opens us to experiences of Spiritual at-one-ness, and transcendendal bliss.

ELEMENT:  (none)        SENSE:  (none)        MANTRA:  Silent Exhalation

Aja (Third-Eye) Chakra

Located between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose, this is considered the Psychic Chakra, and is related to seeing, both physically and intuitively. When developed, Aja opens our psychic faculties and a natural understanding of archetypal reality.

ELEMENT:  (none)        SENSE:  (none)        MANTRA:  Aouwm(ng)

Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra

Centered at the base of the throat, this is considered the Chakra of Sound. It is related to speaking, hearing, and the everyday mind. When developed, Vishuddha opens our ability to hear and speak in Truth, and increases our experience of Intuition and Natural Knowing.

ELEMENT:  Aether        SENSE:  Hearing        MANTRA:  HooM(ng)

Anahata (Heart) Chakra

Centered in the middle of the chest, this is considered the Chakra of Love. It is related to our sense of non-conditional/romantic love, and inter-relation with others. When developed, Anahata opens us to the experience and expression of Unconditional Love, and infinite Connection of all Living Beings.

ELEMENT:  Air        SENSE:  Touch        MANTRA:  Yum(ng)

Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra

Centered 1/2 hand-width above the navel, this is considered the Power Chakra. It is related to our individual sense of physical-mental-emotional power. When developed, Manipura opens us to the experience of freedom from self-doubt, social fear, and guilt.

ELEMENT  Fire        SENSE:  Sight        MANTRA:  Rum(ng)

Svadhisthana (Navel) Chakra

Centered between the navel and pubic bone, it is considered the Chakra of Emotion, Sensuality & Creativity. It processes the ebb & flow cycles of our daily emotional life. When developed, Svadhisthana balances our emotional flow and sensual appetites into steady centeredness, and opens our natural Creative abilities.

ELEMENT:  Water        SENSE:  Taste        MANTRA:  Vum(ng)

Muladhara (Spinal Base) Chakra

Located in the base of the spine, and including the perineal area, this is considered the Spinal Base - or "Ground" Chankra. It is related to our experience of physical embodiment and survival as planetary inhabitants. When developed, our fear of physical pain - even death - can be released ... and our experience of Material Nature becomes one of Joyful Dancing.

ELEMENT:  Earth        SENSE:  Smell        MANTRA:  Lum(ng)

There are several factors which are highly effective in Chakra Healing & Development practices. The first link below takes you to a page describing these factors.

Chakra Healing & Development

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