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~ Gayatri Mantra ~

Gayatri-devi - personification of Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri is the most accessible mantra for every person.

- Mantras -

Mantras are vibrationally-powerful formulas that are chanted or sung silently or aloud.

Mantras come from a number of cultures - originating in Vedic India, and including Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, and some Western cultures.

A Mantra is one or more precise sounds which, when chanted attentively, create frequencies that convey certain directives into consciousness ... thus creating a paradigm for manifestion of the intended reality inherent within that Mantra.

Sanskrit - the metaphysical language of Vedic India, is of a "manifestive" nature. Every sound is full of Meaning-Potential. When chanted with Intent, those Meaning-Potentials unfold into manifestation. On many levels, Sanskrit mantras are Magickal incantations.

The Gayatri Mantra is a Sanskrit mantra ...

- The (Savitur) Gayatri Mantra -

The sanskrit word Gayatri actually denotes a meter of 24-syllables. The mantra most widely-known as "Gayatri Mantra" is actually the "Savitur ("Sun") Gayatri" ...

... and is the Mother of every other Gayatri Mantras - regardless of their meter - as it is the original Gayatri from which all others were born.

The 24-syllable Gayatri Mantra was first revealed in Rg Veda. The first line chanted now ("om bhur bhuvah svaha") was added later. Originally a preface for mantras chanted during rituals, the line is now always included in chanting Gayatri.

Gayatri Mantra is both an honorific prayer - directed to "Spirit-Light" (associated with Sunlight) ... and is also a mantra of Purification and Spiritual Liberation ("enlightenment") ...

As one chants Gayatri with consistant regularity, the Mantra's metaphysical secrets are revealed layer-by-layer ... somewhat like the peeling of an onion.

- Effects of Gayatri Mantra -

As a spiritual practice toward Spiritual Liberation, Gayatri Mantra is usually chanted in rounds of 108 each - often using a Mala (108-bead rosary) ... lightly holding the Intent for (Sun-like) Enlightenment.

As a highly efficacious mantra of Purification (as Sunlight purifies) - the effects of Gayatri Mantra often manifest as psycho-physical Healing.

To this end, it can be used in a number of ways, most of which are revealed personally to the devoted chanter.

A popular method is to chant Gayatri Mantra into a glass of water, with the Intent for Purification and Healing, then drink it, remaining aware of the (Sun-like) Light which has been invested into the water. I've personally used this process a number of times in my Healing work, with good results.

The word-sounds of the Gayatri Mantra are:

om bhur bhuvah svaha
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
diyo yo nah pracodayat

Pronunciation of the mantra is not difficult, but takes a little practise ...

om= = oh-m(ng)
bhur = buur
bhuvah = boova(+ "ha" - sometimes silent)
svaha = svaw(+ "haw" = sometimes silent)
tat = taught
savitur = saw-vee-tour
varenyam = vaa-rain-yawm
bhago = bar-go
devasya = day-vass-ya
dhimahi = dee-muh-hee
diyo = dee-yo
yo = yo
nah = naw(+ "ha" - sometimes silent)
pracodayat = praw-cho-dye-yaawt

- The Words of the Gayatri Mantra -

While the words of Gayatri Mantra have human-language meanings, these should be held lightly, as the actual inherent power lies within the actual vibration-sounds as they're chanted or sung.

Sanskrit words cannot be fully translated literally - as every word contains a spectrum of Meaning. Understanding a mantra is, ultimately, an intuitive process.

In discovering the meaning of Gayatri Mantra, it is helpful to begin with the core Meaning-Intents traditionally assigned to each of the 24 transcendental syllables ...

TAT         fruitfulness
SA           valor
VI            perseverance
TUR         welfare
VA           yoga
RE            love
NI            wealth
YAM        luster
BHAR      protection
GO           wisdom
DE            subjugation
VA           allegiance
SYA          determination
DHI          life
MA           time
HI             penance
DHI          forecast
YO           alertness
YO           production
NAH         protection
PRA         idealism
CHO        adventure
DA           discrimination
YAT         service

This is the most widely-accepted transliteration of Gayatri Mantra ...

om = All(ness) That Is(ness);   bhur = Earth;   bhuvah = Sky;   svaha = Heaven
tat = That(ness);   savitur = bright/luminous;   varenyam = supreme
bhargo = Destroyer of Sins/guilt;   devasya = divine;   dhimahi = we meditate
dhiyo = intellect;   yo = Who;   nah = our;   prachodayat = inspire

- The Meaning of the Gayatri Mantra -

Here are several translation-meanings for Gayatri Mantra. Please remember to hold them lightly as the true Meaning is trancendental to human language or thought ...

Om - We meditate upon the spiritual effulgence of That Adorable supreme Divine Reality, the Source of the Ahysical, the Astral and the Heavenly spheres of Existence. May That Supreme Divine Being enlighten our intellect (so we may realise the Supreme Truth.)

Existence-Absolute (om) - Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon Your divine light. May You stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true Knowledge.

Throughout all of existence That essential nature illuminating existence is the Adorable One. May all beings perceive with, subtle intellect, the magnificent brilliance of enlightened awareness.

Oh Mother, Who subsists in all the three kalas (Time - past, present & future), - in all the three lokas (Worlds - earth, sky, heaven) and in all the three gunas (Attributes: purity, passion & torpor), illumininate our intellect and dispel our ignorance just as the splendorous sunlight dispels all darkness.

Gayatri is living transcendental sound, and resides as an ever-present Potential within the aura of Every Living Thing.

The Mantra can be ignited into full Potency through a simple process of conscious, receptive hearing.

A link to instructions for this Igniting process is given below...

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