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~ An Element-Rite of Gestures ~
(inspired by a ritual composed by Scott Cunningham)

Standing in center of area (and/or before altar), still the mind with several slow gentle deep breaths.

Stand at center of area, facing North. Tip head back just slightly, raising both hands to the sky, elbows bent, cupped palms up, fingers spread and pointing outward. Connect with esssence of Spirit/Light - the ultimate source of all-that-is. Call and open to Clear Light of Spirit to embue Self & Space.

(Lower and relax hands and head. Pause, experiencing the suchness of Spirit for a few breaths)

Face (or move to) South. Lift hands to equal to upper-belly level. With elbows/arms curved, make tight fists. Stiffen all arm/hand muscles. Feel force, power, creation, and destruction and regeneration. Invoke the Red Flame of Fire through this gesture.

(Lower and relax hands. Pause, experiencing the suchness of Fire for a few breaths)

Face (or move to) East. Raise hands about Heart level, palms facing forward, away from you, with elbows slightly bent. Spread fingers. Hold this position, sensing movement and communication. Invoke the Yellow Wind of Air through this gesture.

(Lower and relax hands. Pause, experiencing the suchness of Air for a few breaths)

Face (or move to) West. Raise hands equal to lower-belly level. Bend elbows, turn palms upward and cup them, with thumbs against the forefingers. Keep arms/hands relaxed. Sense fluidity, the ocean, liquidity. Invoke the Blue Wave of Water through the gesture.

(Lower and relax hands. Pause, experiencing the suchness of Water for a few breaths)

Face (or move to) North. Extend arms, elbows locked, 8 - 12 inches forward. Pull hands up, with flat palms facing down. Press fingers together, creating solid, flat planes. Sense solidity, foundation, fertility. Invoke the Green Ground of Earth through this gesture.

(Lower and relax hands. Pause, experiencing the suchness of Earth for a few breaths)

Sweep hands straight up above head, then in a circular motion, lower and spread arms fully outward to shoulder height with slightly-cupped palms upward, while stepping each foot outward, sideways, one step - making the form of a Pentagram with body.

Visualize/Experience the Energies entering/centering in star-points, 3 breaths per Element/point:
Clear - Spirit through/into Crown
Red - Fire through/into Left Foot
Yellow - Air through/into Right Hand
Blue - Water through/into Left Hand
Green - Earth through/into Right Foot

NOTE: The Pentagram Elements/Colors are aligned with your body as if you've "stepped into" the Pentagram "from the back" - which reverses the Elements/Colors from your perception. (This reversed Pentagram is shown below.) A person standing in front of you would see you-as-Pentagram with the Elements/Colors in the "usual" way ` as shown by the Pentagram at the beginning of this blog. (The energetics of this aren't related to "projective (right or left) handedness")

stepping into the pentagram from the back,
the pentagram looks like this to you

Next, breathe and circulate the Energies/Colors (3, 6, or 9 breath-cycles):

Exhale: Crown down to Left Foot
Inhale: Left Foot up to Right Hand
Exhale: Right Hand across to Left Hand
Inhale: Left Hand down to Right Foot
Exhale: Right Foot up to Crown

(every-other cycle will begin with Inhaling, Crown down to left foot (etc) - thus breath-cycle is opposite to preceding one)

Lower arms & return feet to natural position. Relax for a few breaths, experiencing the Energy Flow.

When ready, proceed with any further-intended rites.

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