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The Metaphysical Healing Precept of

The cup is both half-full and half-empty.

If we experience the cup only as half-empty, we can only bemoan our Great Lack.

If we shift the framework of our thoughts to experience the cup as half-full, we can be Grateful ("great-full") that there is enough to satisfy.

We expressed Gratitude during the Positive Expectation meditation, in the Precept of Expecting Miracles.

In order to successfully manifest complete Healing, its absolutely necessary to develop an "Attitude of Gratitude" in every aspect of our life.

This means being Grateful for everything - all of it, every detail - including the ones weve been taught to fear and avoid.

There are certain situations and people and things that "push our buttons" - to which we react with anger, sadness, fear, etc.

Every time we experience these denser emotions, weve just been given a "signal grace" - a sign that we have an opportunity to consciously Forgive, Release, and Love Unconditionally.

At those moments, especially, we're being given the Choice to know whether our Cup is half-empty, or half-full.

So, be Grateful for IT ALL ... including those situations, people and things that appear to "push out buttons."

(a question-to ponder: exactly who or what is really pushing our buttons?)

Set the alarm function of your watch, timer, or cell phone to go off at a randomly-chosen time, during the day.

When you hear the alarm, simply stop for a moment, and take it all in - everything, the place, situation, people, things ...

... then consciously, slowly and meaningfully say:
"I am grateful for this Moment."

(be sure to reset the alarm for another randomly-chosen time)

Energy follows thought. Whatever we give out, we get back.

Give out Gratitude, and your life will be increasingly filled with Cups full of Miracles.

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