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~ Igniting The Gayatri Mantra ~

Gayatri Yantra

Gayatri is the most accessible mantra for every person.

Gayatri Mantra is living transcendental sound, and resides as an ever-present Potential within the aura of Every Living Thing.

The Mantra can be ignited into full Potency through a simple process of conscious, receptive hearing.

Becoming attuned to Gayatri Mantra is a very simple process, but you'll need to prepare ...

1) Turn your volume up very high. (This is important to the attunement process.)

Set up your speakers or earphones so you'll be listening only through your right ear. The Mantra will be repeated 3 times.

2) When you click on the link below, quickly scroll down so the Gayatri Yantra is centered on your screen. (It's the same as the image above, except that it has been colord and metaphysically infused with Projective power.)

3) Immediately after centering the image, gaze at the center of the Gayatri Yantra image-form as you receptively hear the Mantra. (The center of the image is the space between the two small characters inside the inverted triangle.) Slightly unfocus your vision, as if looking through the image. Breathe naturally.

4) At the end of the third repetition of the Mantra, close and Palm your eyes.

Palming is done by placing your cupped palms over your eyes.

You'll experience a brilliant after-image of the Yantra for a short time. Continue Palming until the Yantra's after-image fades away.

This will successfully complete your Gayatri Mantra Igniting attunement.

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