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~ A Unique Magickal Tool ~

As a Hindu-Catholic Eco-Wizard, I was particularly interested to find a highly imaginative Magickal use for the Rosary beads on an online site...

The author's suggestions inspired me to make a multi-useful Magickal Rosary for myself. The patten of colors combine in to make this a Rosary of the Elements. I used colored beads to represent each of the elements. The "decades" are divided into elements in deosil (clock-wise) order starting at the "joiner -

Green - representing Earth
Yellow - representing Air
Clear - representing Spirit
Blue - representing Water
Red - representing Fire

For a Pendant, I used a Pentacle, enhanced with an Onyx stone in the center. Most Wiccans & Witches can appreciate this, or several other Magickal Star formations, while other Hindus could use an Om. For some, a Crystal point would be most appropriate. Christian Witches could use a cross/pentagram. Choice of the Power-Pendant is a very personal one, I think.

I put the 5 beads leading from the pendant to the loop in the order of Element colors as they move through the Pentagram, from Pendant to Circle, in a sequential order that works for me: Clear Red Yellow Blue Green ...

Laying the rosary down with the Pendant pointing towards me, the Rosary can be fashioned, by color, into an Element-Pentagram by pushing the separated ("Our Father") beads and Joiner into the center. The terminal with the chosen Pendant can be moved into the center of the pentagram as a power-point.

By laying the Rosary down into a circular formation, it becomes an Element-Pentagram color-sequenced Circle, in which to cast Magickal Works. (This is not in Quarters-direction order, but in Element-Pentagram order)

The prayers I pray on this Magickal Rosary are all vedic mantras, with which I have been invested, and are both honoring and invoking the Elements.

I find this to be a most unique, portablem and highly empowering Devotional and Ritual tool!

Thanks to Tirgereh - who invented this great idea!

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