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The Metaphysical Healing Precept of

Being Aware of the lies of no-Value and un-Worthiness-of-Love from which we've been living our lives - and out of which dis-ease occurs - only becomes valuable when we courageously act to Release them from our consciousness.

When the lies of our lives are Released - the Cycles-of-Defeat break-down, and we can again come into alignment with our Original Intent and Purpose.

When we are living our lives from our Original Intent and Purpose, Love becomes our constant companion ... and the very paradigm in which dis-ease exists simply fades-away.

Energy follows thought. Whatever we give out, we get back.

Consciously thinking of Release - energy, following thought - will actually manifest such a Release into our physical, mental and emotional experience of life.

One lie thatís most important to let go of - is that letting go of old painful, traumatic experiences and their resulting beliefs must be a painful, traumatic experience itself.

The truth is that Releasing old painful trauma-induced beliefs does not need to be an emotional, Dramatic Event.

When youíve used a paper towel to wipe-up a spill, and it's done serving your needs, you simply toss it into the garbage ... without Great Tears and Gnashing of Teeth.

These untrue beliefs about our non-Value and un-Worthiness-of-Love are no different from used paper towels.

They simply do not support our True Nature.

And we can Release these lies as easily as we let go of used paper towels.

To consciously create Release, spend some time everyday in self-guided, meditative visualization.

Imagine that you have a number of brightly-colored balloons.

Take a moment to strongly recall one single memory in which youíve either learned the lie of no-Value & un-Worthiness, or have re-enforced the lie
by your own thoughts and actions.

See this image as a living photograph.

Then insert this photo into one of the balloons, blow up the balloon,
and then tie it off.

Release the balloon, and let it float away - as you watch it become smaller and smaller, until it simply fades-away.

Repeat this process as many times as you wish, with as many stale old belief-memories as you're aware of, each time you do this meditation.

Energy follows thought. Whatever we give out, we get back.

Give out letting-go, and it will manifest into your life, body, mind and feelings.

Imagine Release and youíll get relief.

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