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Sri Yantra
and the

Sri Yantra is considered the Mother of all Yantras -
being the primeval deistic Yantra from which all other such yantras derive.

She is the materially-revealed, geometric embodiment of Shakti, the energetic facet of what western minds generally perceive as "Goddess" ...

The vedas call that primordial Goddess "Sri-devi" ...

Her most material expression is Gaia, "Mother Earth" ...


The triangular conduits of Sri Yantra activate certain beneficial spiritual and subtle-material vibratory manifestations within those who receptively meditate upon Her image-form.

Due to Sri Yantra's archetypal connection with Kundalini and the human Chakras, She is the perfect Matrix for the transmission of Chakra Activation. Balancing, and Healing.

Tatrik (informed meditative gazing) of Sri Yantra's image-form can be used as a primary Chakra Activation & Balancing tool alone, and can exponentially enhance all other Chakra Healing work.

While the details of the factors of Sri Yantra's association with Kundalini-Shakti & the Chakras are virtually impossible to describe within the limits of human language - they can be easily understood by-way of a few simple visual presentations, utilizing a technique known as "Intuitive Learning."

The first link given below will take you to the first such presentation ...

The Energetics of Sri Yantra

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