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The Actions
of Sri Yantra on
and the Chakras


The transcendental correspondences between Sri Yantra, Kundalini-shakti's actions, and the 7 major Chakras is not widely known in western metaphysics.

As Sri Yantra invigorates Kundalini-Shakti, each individual circuit of Sri Yantra causes energetic activity in a specific Chakra.

Just a few minutes' passive viewing of the interconnected, changing images to the right will draw the concept into your consciousness, making the Yantra Meditation following this page effortless to perform.

(Spend some of your viewing time with your vision centered in the area between the figure's right shoulder and the Yantra's bottom corner for best effect.)

By meditating on the image-form of Sri Yantra (while keeping the Chakra correspondances in lightly in mind) you can experience an almost "automatic" Kundalini stabilization and Chakra activation that can exponentially enhance the health of the Subtle-Body Energy-System with near-miraculous effect.

Any prefered Sri Yantra image-form can be used for the Yantra Meditation. Gazing at the center of the Yantra, simply allow your vision to "soften," by focusing a little distance "through" and "beyond" the image.

For your Sri Yantra Meditation convenience, a digitally enhanced, ritually empowered Sri Yantra image-form is linked below.
(there is a faint dot in the center of the image)

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